Saturday, August 19, 2006

from an internet cafe in Irkustk

in the past ten days...

Beijing; museums featuring exhibits on the "War of American Aggression in Korea", pollution, biking, trekking the Great Wall

Mongolia; open spaces, horse-riding, sleeping in beautiful smoky tents, gorgeous women

Siberia; Lake Baikal, amazing food, clean air, wildflowers, saunas

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Firstly, China is censoring my blog! Why? I can see blogs like "the american idol blog" and "the fanatic cook blog" but I can't see mine or any of the blogs of other Fulbrighters in Taiwan. So I can log in and create this post... I just can't see the actual website. I know I'm not important enough for it to be personal... I'm assuming that China simply censors blogs that mention Taiwan too many times or have Taiwan in the title. So I'm currently doing a little experiment on Chinese internet... these are the results for the following Google searches:

Taiwanese independence: Safari can't open the page
Tian en Mian massacre: Safari can't open the page
Falun Gong: Safari can't open the page

Very scary. Its particularly potent to actually see this censorship occuring on my own computer sitting in my lap in a Coffee Beanery playing French music in shiny, capitalistic Shanghai. Well, I have this to say to China:

Wo bu ai Zhong guo xiao jie, wo ai Tai mei (I don't love Chinese ladies, I love Taiwanese gangster women!)-- MC Hot Dog